Your Voice

If you think the forum at Letters To Leaders is a place where you would like to make a contribution, and to make a difference, you are very welcome. 

Just go to the CONTACT form and make that first contact.

If you write a letter to a leader, and would like it to be published here, then the simple format is as follows.

  • Write your letter and physically send it or email it to the recipient.
  • Send a copy here by email to be added to Letters To Leaders. Send it in plain text, or if that is not possible then scan your letter and email it to the address in the CONTACT form.
  • On receipt of a reply from your respondent, send a copy by email to Letters To Leaders. The reply will be added under your original letter.
  • Make a comment at any of the letters from other writers; the more comments the better. To inform readers of your respondent's action or otherwise, also make a comment at the LtoL Blog (it's named Letters). This will ensure that your letter's main issue or issues are kept alive.
  • This is optional. For interest, there's The Writers Scrum where your photo or avatar can be added. This can be linked back to any site or page of your choice (maybe your Facebook page if you have one). Just email your image and link and I'll add it to the Gallery.

Finally, spread the word about Letters To Leaders. Recruit participants and readers and commenters.

The ultimate objective of Letters To Leaders is to give ordinary people a place to express their views to leaders … and to get results.

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