Reply from Minister Hunt's proxy

Neither the Prime Minister’s reply nor the response above have answered any of the questions I posed.

One thing that really sticks in my craw is the shift of carbon pricing from the corporation (via the misnamed “carbon tax”) - the 300 or so highest emitters of CO2 - to the ordinary taxpayer by way of funding the Emissions Reduction Fund and the Direct Action Plan. The ERF hands out money from the taxpayer-funded budget to the polluting corporation in the form of “grants”. The Direct Action Plan takes money from the taxpayer-funded budget to fund the ever-diminishing and spurious projects that were promised.

THIS is the real Carbon Tax on the people. The corporation not only gets off without paying the cost of emissions (pollution), but it gets paid to do it.

What were the questions again? Here they are —> Handballed Reply From Prime Minister

Another letter is on its way seeking answers to the questions.

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