Handballed Reply from Prime Minister

This is a reply to a letter about Climate Change policy.

From the reply above, the questions I asked were not important to the Prime Minister. Not one reply to the questions was received.

Here are the questions …

1     Why have you and your government ignored the findings of the IPCC Report 5 (and previous reports), that to limit dangerous climate change, global greenhouse gas emissions will need to be reduced by 40% to 70% by 2050?

2     Prime Minister, what is that "lie” (in a speech to Australian Industry Group, 20 April 2012) you referred to? Was it climate change?

3     On what basis has your government decided to repeal a "carbon tax" that does not exist?

4     Will you publicly correct (in parliament) your continuing incorrect assertion of the cost of $550 of the carbon pricing mechanism on households?

5     What is your comment on the Emissions Reduction Fund being your government’s “Carbon Tax”?

6     Given that your proposed paid parental leave scheme would have limited social benefit, why do you not support a carbon pricing mechanism that would have far greater social, environmental, and economic benefits?

7     Why does your government support a tax on business for a scheme (Paid Parental Leave) that ostensibly encourages population growth and the rise of the next generation, but your government is not prepared to take appropriate action to ensure that that generation is protected as far as possible about the greatest problem (climate change) that they will need to confront?

8     On what basis can you compare $1.14 billion (expenditure on direct action) over 4 years with $40 billion in the US?

9     Given that your government has a target of 5% CO2 emissions reduction by 2020 (based on year 2000 emissions), what evidence has your government used to frame its climate change policies? And what about beyond 2020? What is planned then?

10    Is the fossil minerals "stranded assets" scenario the reason why your government does not support a carbon pricing mechanism (carbon tax in your vernacular), just to support a fading industry sector?

11     What is your and your government's response to the recent US report "National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change?

12     What has informed you and your government's decisions that are making Australia the only country in the world that is going in the opposite direction to all others on issues of climate change?

13    Can you categorically deny that you and your government are not influenced by the fossil minerals lobby?

Read Minister Greg Hunt’s proxy reply.

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